The CRX Story
This spread of pics is from the 20002 build up.  It is received a complete overhaul.  I  got the engine compartment painted a new windshield installed and got a new Fiber Images hood.  I got new wheels to a set of Kosei K-1's in gun metal(13.6lb).  Another new edition is the custom red and black custom seats.  Thanks to Randy at A-1 Auto Salvage.  The motor is receiving some new mods also.  CTR(Civic Type R) Pistons, and cams, A ITR(Integra Type R) Header, all of the JDM(Japenese Domestic Market) variety.  Crower Valve Springs and Titainium Retainers,  and Skunk 2 cam gears round out the top end.  A STR Block Guard was added also.  The big shiney intake is a B17a GSR unit, ported, polished, and the outside obviously polished.  a Type R red valve cover will top it off, with a AEM polished intake, and wire cover.  A mugen programed PR3 ecu from Locash Racing woll control the action.  I also puchased a Z-10 Radius Rod Kit, not only does it provide sufficient space for the header, but eliminated wheel hop also.  I also added an Energy Suspenion master kit, and a Progress Sport camber kit.  This should be the most potent set-up yet.  I also reinstalled my interior, and relocated the battery to the trunk.  I also am using a Auto Meter 5" monster tach "Phantom", and Ractive Indiglo guages.
The 2001 set-up was one of trial and changes.  I started out with a ZC, and the Katana 17" rims.  The ZC blew up, so it got replaced with the B16a in pure stock form.  A Greddy Turbo kit was supposed to be mated to the ZC, but it blew up.  It started out the year with a big 'ol stereo.  I had an Eclipse 7002 monitor and two indash 6-discs.  I had a Kicker RS5 Comp. set, and a Kicker 15" square Solo-Baric L7.  I had a Kicker XS100 and a ZX460 proving the power.  I got too many stereo tickets and got theatened with jail time so the stereo left.  I got bored and gutted all of the interior except seats carpet and dash.  No interior=Race car!!!  The car was alot more fun with the B16 I really liked the motor alot.  I fucked up alot of cars quite quickly, I soon had the ECU reprogramed this was the only mod I did to the B16.  I also added strut bars front and rear.  I really had alot of fun that year and tried alot of new stuff.  Near the end of the year it became the victim of vandlism.  Someone pulled my hoodpins out in a parking lot causing serious cosmetic damage to my car taking out the windsheild too.  I drove it one more time, out to Park Ave. beat to hell w/o a hood and got sent home by the local law enforcement.  What a great end to a summer.
Left: Eclipse madness in the dash,
Below: tight shot at N7, by Kevin. 
Below left:  At the Valvoline Runoffs pic by merrITR
Right: At the street races at Park Ave.  Mansfield Oh.
This was stage one(2000).  I know the rims are nasty, so are the taillights.  I put the body kit on and painted the car, swaped in a zc, put on a DC header, a Thermal R&D exhaust, a '89 Teg ECU, Brakes off a '90 Teg, clear corners and tinted the windows.   I put Skunkworks coil-overs on it too.  The only mods that are still on the car are: The Wings West RS body kit, the exhaust, the clear corners, the springs, brakes, and the tint are the only remaining mods from this stage..  Everything else has been upgraded again.  I look back and laugh now,  man it was only the begining..... . .